Legion Iron Power Building Part 1

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Legion Iron Power Building.

This is a six week program designed to gain size and strength through the use of a slight caloric surplus and utilization of compound and accessory movements to stimulate a hypertrophic response. This program utilizes the RPE system to further assist in personalized adaptation through the six week powerbuilding cycle. This is the first of three 6 week cycles dedicated to getting bigger and stronger. NO special equipment is needed. Movements to be expected are, the High Bar Squat, Bench Press, Incline Bench Press, Front Squat, and deadlift as well as accompanying complimentary isolation movements.

This is a three day split. Day 1 is a push centric day focusing on the chest, triceps and shoulders. Each movement utilizes a compound movement as well as an accessory isolation movement to compliment it. Day two is a pull centric day that focuses on the back, biceps and posterior chain. The same trend of utilizing compound movements followed by isolation movements is demonstrated here on day two as well. Day three is a leg centric day that focuses on leg strength and overall development still following the same trend as day one and two with the utilization of compound movements.